Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Gold Plated Chains

Gold plating is the process of putting a thin layer of gold on top of a less expensive metal such as silver or copper to give the less expensive metal the appearance of a solid gold. Such process has been used in jewelry making to make the jewelry look gold. The process is normally done to make gold plated chains and the jewelries that have undergone in the process of gold plating are called gold plated jewelries. This article will give the pros and cons of using these chains because this will tackle the advantages and disadvantages of using these chains.


The number of people using these chains has increased dramatically since the invention of gold plated jewelries. The reason behind such increase is the affordability of the these chains. Unlike jewelries with solid gold, these chains are way cheaper but can maintain the appearance of a solid gold jewelry. There are many people who wanted to wear jewelries made of gold but are restrained because the price is outrageous. With plating, anyone can now wear gold plated chains without thinking so much of the expense. Since these chains are very affordable you can buy as many as you can. This way, you can also change your jewelry as frequent as you can. Other people who do not know the difference between solid gold and plated will definitely think of your jewelries as solid gold chains. The very important thing in wearing these chains is to find designs which are designed with artistry and craftsmanship to make your jewelry look more authentic. Another reason to choose plated chains over solid gold ones is the wearer's safety. Most snatchers are very skilled in indentifying the authentic ones from mere plated. They would not risk getting caught and end up in jail just for snatching a cheap jewelry. Well, not a bad thing after all especially the increase of crimes of snatching is alarmingly high. You will not only be able to wear different kinds of jewelries everyday but you will also be safe from snatchers.


As a fact, the coins will always have two sides. We cannot mention the advantages without giving the disadvantages as well. The same thing with plated chains, they may have plenty of advantages why many people wear them but there are also plenty of disadvantages why other people do not wear them at all. One of each is the question of quality. It is undeniable that the cheaper a thing is the less quality it will likely has. The same thing goes for these chains. They did not become cheaper for nothing. This jewelry can easily tarnish and lost its gold color when worn frequently. Even if the design is remarkable if the gold plate tarnish, the jewelry will definitely lost its elegance and shine. It automatically losses its solid gold look. As a result, you cannot be wearing it anymore.